Program Concept Form


Please read this carefully before filling the form out.

I. Program description: Please describe your idea for a radio show. Include in your description the type of program (music, interview, public affairs, general interest, etc.) and the length. If you have had experience with community radio or public radio before, please give some background about your experience (production, volunteer, fundraising, technical, etc.). Past radio experience is not a requirement to produce a show on KYAQ, but it’s helpful.
Program Description
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III. Preferred Start Date:
IV. Training and providing ongoing support for new producers is a very important part of KYAQ’s beliefs about community radio. If you will need assistance to plan, create a demo and/or produce a radio show, please click on "I want help".

V. Next Steps: This proposal will be reviewed by current programming staff at KYAQ. We will look at the current programming mix and how your request fits in with what’s already on air. If a local program duplicates a program produced nationally, we will go with the local program if possible. Start date of approved programming is dependent on any training that must be completed. The goal is to support new producers to feel comfortable and confident with radio production and not to delay programming. You will be contacted within two weeks of submitting the proposal to schedule a time to confirm next steps.

VI. Program Guidelines and Expectations: KYAQ will not approve any program proposal that contains oppressive content or advocates for violent practices. This includes racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, or homophobic language or intent. The KYAQ programming staff does support programming that may report on the impact of such practices (for example, a program on the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center , Black Lives Matter, or a report on local response to gun violence). Any program advocating violence will be pulled from broadcast and the producer notified. KYAQ is open to any Lincoln County community member, regardless of age, gender, race, citizenship status or sexual orientation.