Stronger Together with Carolyn and Steve Crandall

Show Description: Carolyn and Steve Crandall began their political activism in 1992 working on Bill Clinton’s campaign.

In 2004, they joined the Democratic Club of Camarillo in California and served in many different capacities including Members-at-Large, Fund Raising, Veterans Issues, Social Directors, Vice President, Program and then co-Chairs in 2012 and 2013.

They were elected Delegates to the California State Democratic Convention in 2008 and attended the conventions in San Diego and San Jose, CA. We were fortunate enough to attend rallies held by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  The Crandalls opened and managed a campaign office in 2008 where they shared office space with our local candidates: Congress, State Senator, State Assembly, School Board, Port Commissioner.

Their congressional district had been occupied by Republicans for 70 consecutive years and the last 22 of those years by one congressman until 2010 at which time he retired. In 2010, they recruited a Democrat that had previously served in the Assembly to run for Congress. She won and  flipped the district to majority Democratic where it remains today.

Steve, a Vietnam veteran, founded and chaired the California Central Coast Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War during which time he wrote articles for Veterans Today and The Veteran. The CA Chapter tabled at fairs where they educated the public about veteran’s issues. They also organized rallies to save the veteran’s land in West Los Angeles and brought together Federal, State, County and private groups at a three day conference for veterans and military families.

The Crandalls were Precinct Captains at the polls in 2010 and 2012, managing four polling places. Both are avid writers and have been published in many newspapers, on line blogs and magazines.

They¬†retired ¬†in 2015 and moved to Newport, Oregon, where they remain engaged¬†in political activism,¬† are past chairs of the Lincoln County Democratic Committee, and hosting “Stronger Together” on KYAQ 91.7FM.

Programmers: Carolyn and Steve Crandall

Airs on: Tuesdays at 12:30 PM and Saturdays at Noon

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