Our Local Producers & Programs

Billy’s Blues Hour: Bill Wiist explores the history of the blues, from the old masters to contemporary favorites. (Click here to view more…)

Bluegrass by the Sea:

Chip Russell (Uncle Chippy) brings his love of bluegrass and old-time music to KYAQ and Lincoln 
County. The show will delve into the history of the music by presenting live archival 
recordings tied into background info on the bands and performers.

Bluegrass by the Sea


Classical Music for Everyone: Gib Bernhardt’s foray into all forms of classical music, including local Lincoln County musicians. (Click here to view more…)

FYI w/ Franki Trujillo-Dalbey: Interviews with community leaders, activists, & community service groups in Lincoln County. (Click here to view more…)

In The Library with Dianne Eckstein:

(Click here to view more…)

Latin Corner w/Angel Jimenez : Listen in for an hour of all Spanish talk, Lincoln County community events, & music. (Click here to view more…)

Live Your WOW: Amber Rose Dullea, local practioner, talks about ways you can live with chronic pain to thrive again by finding & living your WOW! (Click here to view more…)

Local News & Weather with Bill Dalbey: Local news stories from News Lincoln County, community press releases and NOAA weather reports. (Click here to view more…)

Music for all Ears with Aracelly Guevara: Aracelly plays music from Latin America & across the Atlantic & Pacific. (Click here to view more…)

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld and Marc Mailsen: The show discusses emerging paradigms of spirituality in light of every imaginable perspective. (Click here to view more…)

Rhonda’s Rainbow Room with Rhonda Jantzen: Providing the Rainbow community with inspiration, education, information & good humor. (Click here to view more…)

Rock Through the Ages: DJ Dave Huntington’s newest music show high- lighting the greatest songs in rock history. (Click here to view more…)

Sonic Cafe’ with Scott Clark: Eclectic mix of music & comedy covering over 8 decades of recorded music & 100 genres. (Click here to view more…)

Stronger Together with Carolyn & Steve Crandall: Providing a sense of community w/ information that is fact based & accurate on a local & national level. (Click here to view more…)

Sunday Brunch: Spend Sunday morning with DJ Dave Huntington as he plays a variety of music. (Click here to view more…)

Talk of Toledo with Billie Jo Smith: Interviews w/ local Toledo business folks, community leaders, & more. (Click here to view more…)

The Oregon Music Connection with Michael Frazier: Artists from Oregon with primary attention to those from the Oregon Coast. (Click here to view more…)

Turn the Tide with Laren Leland: Inspirational environmental betterment by covering topics such as conservation, green living, social justice and activism. (Click here to view more…)

What’s Cooking with Becca: The show is all things cooking. Tips, tricks, helpful information in the realm of cooking. She covers basic cooking, food storage, pantry set up and other topics as requested. (Click here to view more…)

Click here for other programming that is not locally produced.