KYAQ’s New Schedule! (beginning June 11th)

Big changes coming to the KYAQ schedule starting June 11th!

We’re installing a new server and automation software and are taking the opportunity to make changes to our schedule.  We’ve used a few guiding principles, chief among them, that we want to showcase our local producers more, and schedule them in our peak listening times (morning and evening drive times, and the noon hour).  We also wanted to give our listeners a break from the talk and educational shows in the afternoon.
So, local talk show producers will now be aired in the 12:30 pm slot through the week, and repeated again over the weekend.  You can now find your favorite locally produced music show  in the 2-4 pm slot during the week, and repeated in the 9 pm to midnight, as well as over the weekend.
Other big changes include moving “Democracy Now” to 8 am and 5 pm, broadcasting Thom Hartmann live from 9 am to 12 pm, and a live evening news program at 6 pm.  We have made adjustments to other programs to accommodate these changes.  As always, if you have concerns, complaints, or comments, email or leave us a phone message at 541-635-0034.  Thank you for your continued support!
Entries in RED = Locally Produced Programs
Entries in GREEN = Live Streaming Programs