All fireworks – sparklers included – are prohibited on the Siuslaw National Forest

Corvallis, OR, June 29, 2018 – As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, the public is reminded that all fireworks – sparklers included – are prohibited on the Siuslaw National Forest. With the increasingly dry conditions, visitors are also reminded be careful with campfires.

“Fireworks pose a serious fire threat,” said Dan Eddy, assistant fire management officer for the Siuslaw National Forest. “People often assume the restrictions apply just to forested areas, but they also include campgrounds and sparsely vegetative areas such as the Oregon Dunes and Sand Lake Recreation Area, which are also susceptible to burning, especially under dry conditions.”

The penalty for possessing fireworks can be as high as $5,000, imprisonment for up to six months, or both.

No other fire restrictions for the public are in place, but visitors are asked to be mindful of  Oregon’s increasingly dry conditions when visiting the coast and national forest this summer:

  1. Keep campfires small and in an area cleared down to mineral soil
  2. Only burn materials that fit within the campfire ring
  3. Watch out for overhanging vegetation or limbs
  4. Extinguish all campfires before leaving – even if gone for a short period of time
  5. Smoke inside vehicles or in areas cleared at least 4 square feet wide

To report the illegal use of fireworks or unsafe fire use by the public, visitors are asked to contact the Eugene Interagency Communication Center at 541-225-6400 or by calling 911. Additional campfire and wildfire safety information can be found at