Commons Focused Statement


Commons Focused Statement

(Signed by both Fair Board and Board of Commissioners, attached)

The Lincoln County Commons (Home of the Lincoln County Fair) Master Plan Refinement Plan process is well underway. Our consultants have met with over 35 stakeholders and an initial meeting of the Refinement Plan Visioning Committee has been held. Plans are underway for outreach to all geographic areas of the County and continuation of the process of public input into the plans for the area.

We, the Lincoln County Fair Board, feel it is necessary to reinforce the focus of this planning process. While we have received some input asking for consideration of alternative locations for the facilities (including the fair) and alternative use of the current property, those issues have already been previously researched and evaluated on a number of occasions and raised with the public in both previous planning efforts by the County and Fair Board and in voter approved funding measures for these projects. In fact the last ballot measure in 2016 both specifically identified the Commons and the multipurpose building as the location and the anchor building of the redevelopment project. It passed by a countywide vote of 60%.

Therefore, the purpose of this Refinement Process is to bring the voters’ expressed desires to fruition by determining the best plan for the redevelopment of the Commons, including the multipurpose building and the ancillary facilities and uses that will complement and enhance the Commons purpose: To serve as an important gathering place for Lincoln County, that is a preferred destination of residents and visitors, and that respects the traditions of the past and casts new directions for the future, with a focus on youth.