New Realities

New Realities are emerging on this planet.  That means that the way people think about themselves and the world are changing.  There is an influx of higher knowledge that is emanating from “the Unknown.”  The veil between the dimensions is getting thinner and many people are opening up to new experience that some have called “spiritual.”  But I say we should not limit ourselves with the use of that word.  I prefer to say that new realities are expanding our abilities to be more human; to feel more of the subtleties of our incarnation experience.  This website was started as a personal quest to connect with the consciousness of that spirit.  Here you will find many points of view, that have all been factors in my search for understanding.  And if you are here it means you are exploring new realities too.  The new paradigms are still coming in formation.  They have not yet arrived, because formation involves trans-formation from old way of seeing to new ideas about what is possible.  And from all of these pursuits I extracted my own unique vision of the truth and the answers to my personal quest.  But my truth is my truth and all I can do here is present the possibilities for people to seek to find their own truth.  One thing is to have fun in this search for meaning, the mystery is all around us. Just enjoy the ride. We cannot really expect to understand the mystery because we are part of it. In that I (and we at New Realities) hope you find some peace and a chance to live new realities.