Rhondas Archives


01/19/2017                          Trina Kosydar stronger together npt march


01/26/2017                          stronger together npt march interviews


02/02/2017                          Sheila Swinford pres central or coast NOW


02/09/2017                          Music of the Ladies Rizo and Gaga


02/11/2017                          Dr James Pate ob/gyn trans health care


02/16/2017                          Sal Strom artist US 20 Connect art project


02/21/2017                          Robin Gray 1 Nevada transgender woman rural lived life


03/07/2017                          Robin Gray 2 Nevada transgender woman rural life and sole proprietor


03/29/2017                          Lady Rizo walking on street NY live interview  via cellphone


03/04/2017                          Helen Anderson 1 Yachats Pride 2017


04/17/2017                          Jenn Burleton exec director Transactive Gender Center Portland Or


04/26/2017                          Helen Anderson 2 Yachats Pride 2017


05/19/2017                          Laverne Cox 1 speech via http://www.alternativeradio.org/


05/26/2017                          Laverne Cox 2 speech as above from U of Colorado Boulder


06/05/2017                          Brad Purdom NPT PD


06/13/2017                          Serenity Love Galloway 1 A Transition Story Living The Life


06/19/2017                          Lisa Norton exec director My Sisters Place


07/05/2017                          Serenity Love Galloway 2 A Transition Story Living The Life


07/20/2017                          Get Out of Your Pews/Into the Streets


08/01/2017                          Kaiya Kramer interviews Rhonda on www.thequeerlive.org most excellently


08/09/2017                          Rainbow Eclipse Helen Anderson Purely Fantastic Fantasy


08/28/2017                          Pastor Bob Barrett Yachats Community Presbyterian Church


09/20/2017                          Rocket Man An Audio present to trump and pence voters plus other stuff


10/02/2017                          Leland and Cedar  bees air/bb farm and romance


10/09/2017                          Robin Gray 3 Nevada transgender woman rural life, sole proprietor, married father of 3


10/16/2017                          Robin Gray 4 Nevada transgender woman advice from the heart and more


11/02/2017                          “The Orange Menace”, with apologies to Dr. Seuss


11/16/2017                           Rhonda interviews Joan Dempsey, author of “This is How it Begins”


11/23/17                               Donna Ross tells her transition story.


11/30/17                                Donna Ross interview – Part 2


12/07/17                                Donna Ross interview – Part 3


12/21/17                                 Donna Ross Interview – Part 4


01/04/18                                 Interview with Ray Block – Leaven No Trace