KYAQ Membership Program



Members are the sustaining force of public radio. Your willingness to invest in the kind of programming offered by KYAQ helps make Lincoln County a better place to live. As our mission statement puts it, we are “dedicated to advancing the common good of the Oregon Central Coast through the power of connection.” That connection is built one person at a time, one contribution at a time.

You’re Sustaining Membership Is Essential:   We’re fortunate to be Lincoln County’s 1st and only community radio station void of the commercialization and control of corporate media. This opportunity comes with ongoing operating and equipment costs which we rely on you, our listener to support. Your sustaining monthly pledge is vital for us to keep broadcasting; we cannot do it without you.

  • $120.00/Lincoln County’s 1st Community Station Supporter:   For the price of two coffee house drinks, or a lunch out you can support KYAQ Lincoln County’s only community radio station. You’re sustaining pledge of just $10.00 a month is a cornerstone of our fundraising efforts.
  • $365.00/Buck A Day Superstar Supporter:  Innovative local programming, news and journalist’s that are outside of corporate influence, a true community radio station, and all for just a dollar a day.  Your commitment of a buck a day makes you a genuine KYAQ superstar!

Other Essential Support Options: These onetime donation membership levels help KYAQ continue our mission of providing news and journalists who are outside of corporate media control and unique locally driven radio shows provided by our community.

  • $25.00/Helping To Keep The Lights On Supporter:   Just like your home KYAQ has monthly bills to pay and your support helps to pay the rent and keep the lights on!
  • $50.00//KYAQ Keeping It Local Supporter:   Your donation helps support KYAQ’s mission of expanding our local programming to feature more innovative shows powered by your neighbors in Lincoln County. We also provide local news and information on local events, happenings and causes.
  • Other/Every Dollar Counts Supporter:    We depend on funding from our community to continue broadcasting and every dollar counts towards our operating costs. If you listen to KYAQ please take the step to support us by choosing any dollar amount you’re comfortable with giving.
  • Rent a KYAQ (kayak) For the Day: (for personal or non-profit messages only)

This unique program gives you access to KYAQ’s listeners via eight fifteen second underwriting messages on any given day. Whether you have an upcoming event or cause, maybe a birthday or anniversary announcement, or any other non-profit message; this is a great way to spread the word. Your KYAQ (kayak) daily rental is only $20.00, go to to find out more.

  • Business Membership:     Just like individual memberships, your business can be a member of KYAQ too! Our business membership program features tailored premiums to help grow your business while you support your community radio station. Although your business can be a member of KYAQ at any level, the $400 business membership provides limited sponsorship opportunities to let our listeners know that your business is an appreciated member of KYAQ.

KYAQ’s $400.00 Membership level includes these premiums:

On Air Appreciation :  One sponsorship spot (one 15 second spot of on-air copy) per day for 3 weeks (21 days) with dates to be scheduled based on KYAQ’s scheduling availability and your preference, and follow this sample format:

“ Brought to you by KYAQ business member Stan’s Fishing Supply, selling fishing gear and bait. Open 7 days a week, Stan’s Fishing Supply is located on Baystreet in Newport, call 541-777-7777 for more information.  

12 Months Listing on the KYAQ Website:

Along with our underwriters, your business information will be listed on the KYAQ website sponsor page with a link back to your website page so our listeners can easily find out more about you.