Dear KYAQ Supporters,

I am writing to you today to update you on the progress of the radio station, and to let you know about some recent changes at KYAQ.  First, I was voted in as Board President on September 1, 2015 and joined the board as our newest member.

We are very excited to announce that we now have the capacity to do live shows in the studio, and we can even put folks on the air who call into the station!  We are looking to greatly increase locally produced shows such as local public affairs and local music programs. Bill Dalbey, our volunteer Technical Support person, is available to train and help you produce your show, whether live or recorded.  If you or anyone you know is interested in being on the air, fill out a Program Concept Form on the KYAQ website and we’ll get right back to you!

What are your favorite programs on KYAQ? When do you listen? What programs would you like to hear on KYAQ? If you haven’t already done so, please take a few minutes to fill out our Listeners Survey.  This is only one of our efforts to determine how to serve our community better. You can find the link on our Facebook page and on our website.

Would you like to serve on our Community Advisory Board?  This is a crucial part of being a community radio station. If you or anyone you know might be interested, please feel free to contact me! I’ve included my contact information at the end of this letter. This Advisory board will assist our Board of Directors by making recommendations regarding programming, funding, and so on.

Last March, Ginger Gouevia, our Volunteer Coordinator held our first ever volunteer training. Stay tuned for announcements regarding our next training!

On the financial front, the station is still in crisis. We are still about $1,000.00 short each month needed to keep the station on the air.  We are taking immediate steps to increase our monthly income such as:

  • A team of volunteers visiting businesses around our listening area to sign up underwriters for our 24 hours of programs. Our rates are competitive and it allows businesses to show their support for KYAQ.
  • Recruiting volunteers to write grants for needed equipment and for on-going operating costs.
  • Increase our membership to include more monthly donors. We love those who are one-time donors and we understand that not everyone can commit to giving every month, however reoccurring donations allow for a more stable financial foundation.

Our records indicate that you may have been one of the wonderful supporters who have donated money to KYAQ in the past.  We can’t thank you enough for your help! However, we’re not on a stable funding path yet. With that in mind, we’re coming to you, our loyal community members to ask for your support. Obviously we cannot keep the station on the air while accruing such a large monthly deficit. Nowhere else can you hear our two most popular programs, Democracy Now! and Alternative Radio, not to mention all the other informative programs airing 24 hours.  

A reoccurring $10.00 a month donation (or more if you can!) from only 100 supporters will keep the station on the air. That’s less than two lattes a month! If you value community radio and want the type of programming available only on KYAQ, please go to and make your reoccurring donation now!  

The KYAQ Board of Directors, its volunteers, and the community thanks you for your generosity.  


Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, Ph.D.
KYAQ Board President

Membership drive

KYAQ will hold its first ever on-air membership/fund drive April 20 – 26. The goal will be to sign up a minimum of 200 people who will commit to a recurring donation of at least $10/month. That’s $2400, enough to cover all of our monthly expenses. KYAQ is still an all volunteer operation but we have tower rent, studio rent, phone and internet, insurance, licensing fees for Pacifica Radio and music, etc. If we know that our monthly expenses are covered, we’ll have solid ground to stand on to continue moving forward.

Monday, April 20 8am – 2pm
Tuesday, April 21 Noon – 6pm
Wednesday, April 23 9am – 9pm (Special EARTH DAY programming)
Thursday, April 24 9am – 3pm
Friday, April 24 9am-Noon; 5pm-8pm
Saturday, April 25 3pm-9pm
Sunday, April 25 10am-4pm

Please let us know by return email if you can volunteer for any of these times. (One or more hour shifts.) Or call 541-264-5917.

If you already know that KYAQ 91.7 is a valuable asset for our community, here’s how you can help:

1) Become a Sustaining Member of KYAQ. Go the KYAQ website, click the donate button, and make a recurring donation of $10 (or more) per month. Many of you contributed to KYAQ in the past, making it possible to build the transmitter, and get the station operational by our construction permit deadline. Those of you who are already Sustaining Members have been the life-blood of keeping us on the air for this long. Now we need everyone’s ongoing help so we have an income we can count on. (If you can afford to make a larger, one-time donation as well, we will put it to good use!) By the way, we’re offering a premium to the first 200 people who sign up as Sustaining Members at $10/month or more: “Rent a KYAQ (kyak) for a day.”

And remember that Firebare, which holds the license for KYAQ, is a 501(c)(3) corporation so your donations are tax deductible.

Call KYAQ: 541-264-5917

2) Volunteer to come into the studio and help with the fund drive. We especially need those of you who are willing to come on the air for brief segments, talk about how important you think KYAQ is for the coast and encourage people to become members. We also need volunteers to answer the phones and process donations. The hours of the on-air portion of the membership drive are below.

3) Promote the fund drive. Visit the KYAQ 91.7 facebook page and repost Membership Drive related posts. Spread the word. If you think $10/month is worth having the kind of programming KYAQ offers, tell people.

4) Talk to civic and organization leaders you know to volunteer to come on the air and encourage listeners to become sustaining members.

5) Listen to KYAQ 91.7 during the membership drive, encourage your friends to do so as well, and enjoy the special programming we have planned. Listen especially on Earth Day, Wed. April 23 for a day of special environmental programming.

If you’d like to help with the fundraiser call Bridget Wolf, 541-264-5917.

New Realities

New Realities are emerging on this planet.  That means that the way people think about themselves and the world are changing.  There is an influx of higher knowldge that is eminating from “the Unknown.”  The veil between the dimensions is getting thinner and many people are opening up to new experince that some have called “spiritual.”  But I say we should not limit ourselves with the use of that word.  I perfer to say that new realities are expanding our ablities to be more human; to feel more of the sublties of our incarnational experience.  This website was started as a personal quest to connect with the consciousness of that spirit.  Here you will find many points of view, that have all been factors in my search for understanding.  And if you are here it means you are exploring new realities too.  The new paradigms are still coming in formation.  They have not yet arrived, because formation involves trans-formation from old way of seeing to new ideas about what is possible.  And from all of these pursuits I extracted my own unique vision of the truth and the answers to my personal quest.  But my truth is my truth and all I can do here is present the possibilities for people to seek to find their own truth.  One thing is to have fun in this search for meaning, the mystery is all around us. Just enjoy the ride. We cannot really expect to understand the mystery because we are part of it. In that I (and we at NewRealities) hope you find some peace and a chance to live new realities.

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